Cerritos College Dual Enrollment
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What is Dual Enrollment?
Dual Enrollment is the term used to describe enrolling in a college course and earning college credits for that course while still enrolled in another K-12 institution.

Benefits for the Students:
Research shows that students who participate in dual enrollment programs are more likely to graduate and continue into completion of studies.
Provides an introduction to higher education for future college students.
Offers a low-cost or no-cost way to earn college credit in some instances.
Provides flexibility in learning; courses may be offered in-person on the SJHS campus, on the Cerritos College campus, or online on the Cerritos College campus, or online at Seton HIll University.
Provides self-paced asynchronous online course offerings.
Builds confidence in students when they successfully complete a college course while still in high school.  
Provides access to community college facilities including the library, student resource center, and academic advising.
Extends opportunity for students to enroll in courses that may not be offered at the high school level.

Please contact Ms. Celine Figueroa, Cerritos College Dual Enrollment Coordinator